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nfluxforever asked:

This might be a tad personal (if it is, I apologize) but I've been curious for a while about how the courtship between you and Todd first began, who made the first move or if it was one of those things where you both decided you liked spending time with each other and things progressed, etc.

It all began when we were shooting Suburban Knights (this of course took place on one of the larger moons of Alpha Grobthar IV). After a night of knocking back Brobdingnagian shooters at one of the local spacepubs, I caught out of the corner of my eye a certain behooded mantis-man moving his side-flippers in the traditional Central-Virginian mating dance. At first I took it as naught but another amateurish ploy, but then I saw him tickle the synthetic ivories with his tentacles as he bellowed the Sporkidanian mating aria in several keys simultaneously using his multiple uvulae.  I knew then that he was The One.

We spent talked over skype for a while and decided to become a couple about a month after we met. <3

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