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r3zuri asked:

You actually met Michael Bay once, right? What was that like (and did it change your opinion of him any)?

I did, and it did. He was obviously not a social butterfly (which I think is why he has a dictatorial presence - he doesn’t seem to know what to do with people unless he’s telling them what to do) but he was actually a pretty nice guy. We kind of screwed up our courage at a sound event at Paramount, and someone introduced him to us as a bunch of film students. We asked to take a picture with him, and he goes “Uh, sure, let me just go grab a beer first.” We thought for sure he was gone and we wouldn’t see him again, but not thirty seconds later he was back, beer in hand, and he was like “Alright, picture time!”

raigeki55 asked:

Well since you've been watching Animorphs, I'll ask this, if you had that ability and a wide variety of Earth's animals to pick from at your disposal, what would you change into first?

I’d morph to my goal weight. Then two hours would pass and I’d be stuck there. Oopsies!

Goddamn being an adult is boring.

twelvepips asked:

Bit of a dumb, bold question. I know you're insanely busy with all sorts of work, but a thought popped into my head while writing. Would you ever see yourself read over someone's story (that's revised, somewhat polished, but just needs a good look at/shit upon) and give feedback?

I had thought about it, and it felt to me… exploitative? Possibly? Because I would not do that for free, but offering editorial services or critique to the public at large… I dunno. Would feel exploitative if I were to offer that and then ask people to pay. 

Because I get a LOT of requests like that. A looooooooot. If I responded to every request I got, that would be a full time job. 

Because here’s the thing - that is a massive, massive favor to ask of someone, and also professional work. I get questions like that all the time, and that’s just not something you ask of strangers, unless they offer their services to you first.

But it is something I have given a lot of thought to - in part I wanted to expand Chez to create a community where people could possibly explore a give and take re: feedback, because good feedback is invaluable, and also hard to find.

thecinematichipster asked:

I was recently requested to review Jem and the Holograms and I was wondering 1. Thoughts on the planned Jem movie and 2. Do you ever think about reviewing cartoons you never watched growing up?

I DID review Jem and I kind of regretted it, because I did not enjoy it but I also felt like I didn’t watch enough episodes/do enough research to do it justice. Reviewing TV shows is hard, yo, a lot more time consuming than reviewing movies. Why I do it so rarely.

thatpretentioustwit asked:

What are your favorite nostalgic video games? If I'm not mistaken you have mentioned being an avid Elder Scrolls fan but that's the only game I've ever seen you mention.

Actually, there you go - Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. That shit was my CRACK. Before that it was mostly just Mario and Zelda type stuff, but Morrowind, mine eyes were opened.

brightblueinky asked:

What was some popular stuff that you never got into as a kid? for example, I never got into TMNT despite how popular it was when I was little.

I feel like the biggies have got to be Pokémon, Final Fantasy and Animorphs, though there were certainly the more female demo things like Sailor Moon, which I was totally in the right age group for. Totally missed the boat on that one (AND THAT IS WHY I WILL NEVER REVIEW IT STOP ASKING)

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